Fingerprint Clocking in Machines

They’re one of the most secure and accurate fingerprint clocking in machines available on the market. These systems use automated methods to recognise and identify a person using physical features, such as fingerprints or facial characteristics.

Time is money, both for us and for you. For the earnings and salaries they receive from your company, your employees are expected to perform at a high level of productivity and efficiency in your workplaces.

Because to nonpayment for not showing up to work, excessive overtime, or buddy-clocking, businesses lose valuable time and resources.

In order to get the most bang for their buck and simplify operations, Ultrasafe SA advises each and every one of its clients to implement the best time and attendance software and hardware currently available.

Employee fingerprints are used in biometric time and attendance systems to verify who is actually clocking in and out of work each day. As an employee’s finger is scanned by an automated system, its coordinates are computed and mapped out.

Ultrasafe SA can help you navigate the maze of clocking alternatives if you’ve already opted to deploy a time and attendance management system and want your employees to be able to clock in and out. We’ll walk you through the many possibilities and assist you in making the best decision for your company’s particular needs in terms of a timekeeping system.

Fingerprint Scanning for Employees

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