Making time solutions affordable, effective, and reliable

Our company is committed to providing quality, cost effective Time Management solutions to businesses of all sizes

Whether you’re an emerging company looking for better control over employees timesheet and labour, or are a large company with more complex workforce management needs, Ultrasafe can help you streamline between different solutions such as Fingerprint Biometric Readers, Time & Attendance Modules, Access Control Components, and CCTV.

ULTRASAFE Time management solutions

Time Tracking is easy and flexible

We offer diverse ways for employees to clock-in based on their work environment or industry, via mobile devices, kiosk, or biometric timeclocks. All clocking information will be automatically synchronised with our time tracking software.

Helping you manage employees timesheet easily and with flexibility

Biometric finger scanning is extremely efficient and accurate. These clocks help to eliminate the mistakes and glitches in any payroll system, no matter the size of the business. These systems are remarkably efficient at verifying identities even in the case of dry, wet, cracked, or dirty fingers.

clock in work

Easy to use

No one enjoys filling out or working out timesheets. Employees simply enroll, scan using bio-metric features and done. Our systems are easy to use and setup

Industry Focus

With our industry expertise, we know our customers. Each of our team members work closely with you to provide the best solution for your industry needs

Custom Solutions

With wide range of report options, and the ability to deal with flexible pay rule settings, Ultrasafe can handle any of your business needs with relative ease.

Superb Support

Each company is unique. We treat you that way. Our knowledgeable and friendly support team provide a helping hand on any questions you may have in a timely manner.

What we can do for you

We deliver custom solutions that are tailored to you, and your industry

Time Recorders (Clock Card Machines)

Time Stamps (Job Costers)

Bell Timers and Sirens

Fingerprint Readers

Facial Recognition Readers

Ajax Alarms

Wireless Intercoms

Access Control and CCTV

Coin Counters, Sorters, and Note Counters

Client Reviews

"Since engaging the services of Ultra Safe Solutions since 2016 with their biometric systems placed on our various site, Candys Cleaning Services has had piece of mind regarding time keeping and attendance of employees. Ultra Safe’s equipment is based on all our sites nationally. Services are exceptional from the team and they are always willing to assist at any time. The team goes over and beyond with client services."

Candise Moodley
SHEQ Manager at Candy's Cleaning

Ajax Alarm Systems

Ajax introduces us to the age of Smart, Wireless, Alarm Systems, giving you the User, full control over the security of your Home, all seamlessly monitored and managed at the simple touch of a button, compatible with any and all Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices. The Ajax System wirelessly communicates with its devices via Highly Secure, step-by-step, encrypted authentication, using Radio Protocols for internal communication as well as GSM/GPRS & IP for communication with Users, Administrators and Armed Response.

Any Invasion, Burglary, Power Failure, Network Failure or attempt to breach the system will instantaneously trigger off the alarm notifying designated Users as well as your entrusted security company. The Value-added Panic feature, when triggered, immediately sends through the Panic/Distress notification to all Users as well as providing an accurate Geo-tag of the Users current location when triggering the Panic, whether within the Home or not.

Protect your Home & your Family today!