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Clock Cards

Clock Cards & Accessories by Ultrasafe SA is a product line that offers time recording solutions for businesses. It includes a variety of clock cards, time cards, and other accessories that are designed to work with time clock machines. These clock cards and accessories provide accurate time tracking for employees, enabling businesses to effectively manage their workforce and payroll. Ultrasafe SA is a reputable manufacturer that has been providing quality time recording solutions for over 20 years, ensuring our products are durable, reliable, and easy to use.

Bi-Weekly Clock Cards

Pack of 500

Weekly Clock Cards

Pack of 500

Monthly Clock Cards

Pack of 500

Ribbon Cartridges

Available in multiple sizes

Card Rack – Plastic

 Quantity of 24

Card Rack – Metal

 Quantity of 25

Bell Timers and Sirens

Introducing Bell Timers and Sirens by Ultrasafe SA, the perfect solution for managing time and alerting people in a variety of settings. Whether you need to keep track of time in a factory, school, hospital, or any other environment, our Bell Timers and Sirens are the ideal choice.

Our timers are designed to be easy to use, with intuitive controls and clear displays that show you the time remaining until the next bell or siren. You can set up multiple schedules for different periods of the day, with the option to include breaks, lunchtime, and other events.

Our sirens are loud and clear, with adjustable volume and tone settings to suit your needs. Whether you need a gentle reminder or an urgent warning, our sirens will get the attention of everyone in the area.

ORBIS Bell Timer

Bell Timers and Sirens



Bell Timers and Sirens


Over 20 Years Experience

In Time and Attendance

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