Fingerprint Scanning for Employees

Fingerprint scanning for employees is a precise and cost-effective method of time and attendance recording. The systems are simple to install and operate, and they interact seamlessly with your payroll system, saving you time and money.

Additionally, biometric fingerprint scanning for employees and devices are an inexpensive approach to maintaining security and track time and access to critical sections of the office. A biometric fingerprint reader time clock is a dependable, precise method of tracking employee attendance, and Ultrasafe SA carries a large assortment of devices. These cutting-edge machines recognize your staff based on their unique fingerprints. The fingerprints are converted to templates, and it is these templates that are stored in the database, not your employees’ actual fingerprints. When employees clock in and out, they just insert their fingertips into the reader to verify their identity.

Prevent Time Fraud

A clever way to combat time theft and so-called buddy punching (when employees sign in and out for one another), a fingerprint reader time clock makes it simple for your employees to punch in and out each time they report to work, while also making it simple for you to keep track of their timekeeping and attendance records. Browse our extensive selection of biometric fingerprint terminals and products to find the right solution for your business.

The next generation of fingerprint authentication technology provides a secure, convenient, and authentic method of verifying/identifying an individual’s identification through the use of the current biometric fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanners are widely used for admission, identification, and verification in a variety of programmes that demand the identify of individuals. The biometric fingerprint devices from ULTRASAFE SA provide exceptional functionality, accuracy, and reliability.

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