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Clock Card Machines

The Digital Clock Card Machines by Ultrasafe SA are an innovative and efficient way to manage employee attendance and timekeeping in any workplace. Designed with the latest technology, these clock card machines are easy to use and offer accurate timekeeping, helping businesses save time and reduce errors in their payroll processing.

Needtek UT2000

  Suitable for 0 – 15 Employees

4 column printing



Needtek UT6600

  Suitable for 0 – 50 Employees

  220 Volt Siren Add On

6 column printing


Needtek TM900

  Suitable for 0 – 80 Employees

  220 Volt Siren Add On

6 column printing


Biometric time keepers & access control

All fingerprint scanners are equipped with a UPS Battery Back-up which eliminates the trouble of power outages. Each worker will clock in and out using their fingerprint which ideally eliminates buddy clocking. These units can be installed in both smaller and larger companies from basic office environments and body corps to service stations, chemical and industrial sites and factories, mines and warehouses.

ZK K40

Fingerprint & Proximity

Card Reader


Fingerprint & Proximity

Card Reader

ZK I face 302

Fingerprint &

Facial Recognition Reader

ZK TF1700 Outdoor / Waterproof

Waterproof Fingerprint & Proximity Card Reader

Over 20 Years Experience

In Time and Attendance
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   Saving You Money

We sell best quality products at the lowest price guaranteed!


   Saving You Time

Employees simply enroll, scan using bio-metric features and done.


   Nationwide Delivery

We can deliver Nationwide to your doorstep for your convenience.


   DIY Installation / On-site Installation

Install yourself or arrange an on-site installation with our professional team.

Needtek TS350

Digital Time Stamps /

Job Costers

Digital Time Stamp (Job Coster)

Our Digital Time Stamp (Job Coster) is a powerful system designed to help businesses track and manage their employees’ time spent on various projects and tasks. With our easy-to-use interface, employees can quickly and accurately record their time entries, while managers can easily monitor and analyze the data to improve productivity and project profitability.

Z 6200

Nightwatchmans /

Guard Patrol

Nightwatchmans / Guard Patrol

Providing you with a LCD Display Waterproof Shockproof Guard Tour System to be used by security guards to scan tags for attendance basis instead of oral statement or traditional paper & pen record. Managing your business to reduce any errors and keeping track of your companys safety.


Supplied or Installed


CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system from Ultrasafe SA is a high-quality video surveillance solution geared to increase the security of your property. Ultrasafe SA’s CCTV system provides trustworthy and efficient security surveillance for your home, company, or public location.

Access Control

Access Control & Turnstiles

Access Control

Access Control & Turnstiles by Ultrasafe SA is the best way to make sure that only authorised individuals have access to your building. Access Control & Turnstiles from Ultrasafe SA are a reliable, secure, and efficient way for any organisation to control access. With modern technology and high-quality materials, you can be sure that unauthorised people won’t be able gain entry into your building and that your workers and visitors will always be safeguarded.

Simplify Time Tracking with Our Flexible Solutions

At UltrasafeSA, we know that time tracking can be a hassle. That’s why we offer flexible solutions to make it easy for your employees to clock in and out, no matter their work environment or industry. Whether it’s through mobile devices, kiosks, or biometric time clocks,

our diverse clocking options give your team the flexibility they need to stay on top of their time. Plus, with our automatic synchronization to our time tracking software, you can rest assured that all clocking information is accurate and up-to-date.

Streamline your time tracking process today with UltrasafeSA.

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