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Ultrasafe SA is clock card machine supplier in Gauteng and Durban. Our swipe card clocking in machine solutions continues to be the most preferred method of keeping track of staff attendance. The ability to monitor your workforce’s time and attendance data during their working patterns will be substantially improved with the Computime IP-enabled swipe card clocking in system.

Swipe card time clocks easily log employee arrival times, breaks, lunches, overtime, and departure times by reading a magnetic stripe (magstripe) card. Time and attendance software is used to assign numbered cards to each employee. For visible attendance monitoring, write the employee’s name on each card and place “IN” and “OUT” card racks next to the time clock.

Needtek UT2000

 A Contactless Proximity Solution

Proximity cards and tags are still relevant today, despite all of the new technology available.

  • As an alternative means of clocking, most time Clocking machines can read a proximity card.
  • Proximity clocking units are affordable and adaptable.
  • Staff and guests can use proximity cards to clock in at access points and to identify themselves.
  • Visitors and contractors might be given proximity cards that grant them access to specific parts of your business.
  • Access Control is integrated.
  • Contactless and hygienic
  • Cards and tags that can be customized
  • Each employee receives one card/tag.

Benefits of Clock-in Systems


  • Employees and visitors both benefit from effective access control
  • Allow only one employee or guest access to specific areas to avoid buddy clocking. Highlight delays between access points and clocking points
  • Breaks are monitored and controlled. The area status pane shows the current access area for workers and/or visitors in real-time.
  • Payroll systems are fully integrated
  • Support from a free helpdesk is available

Ultrasafe SA is clock card machines suppliers that offer a wide range of Access Control Hardware & Accessories to ensure the highest level of security, time and attendance, and payroll integration for your company, no matter how big or small. Contact Ultrasafe SA for more information, here. We are professional clock card machine suppliers with decades of experience in the time and attendance systems industry.

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