What is the Best Time and Attendance Product?

What is the best time and attendance product? Employers face a significant financial burden as a result of time theft, with the average employer paying their employees thousands of rands per year for hours they did not actually work. Consider the following scenario: an employee is running late for their shift and asks a friend to clock in for them. The following day, another team member does the same thing. Every extra 15 minutes adds up quickly, with the average employer paying their team for 4.5 hours per week that they did not work.

Biometric Facial Verification

Biometric facial verification technology allows you to permanently eliminate time theft. This sophisticated software employs advanced artificial intelligence to ensure that the correct employee clocks in and out of their shift by photographing the employee and comparing it to those already stored in their staff profile.

Our accurate and dependable facial verification feature eliminates the possibility of team members “buddy punching,” or clocking in or out on behalf of their coworkers. This means that employees will only be paid for the hours they actually worked, preventing them from missing out on a portion of a shift.

Facial recognition can be used to recognize employees and confirm or deny access upon entry. This is especially useful if your company has expensive inventory, sensitive data, or requires specific sanitary measures.

As previously stated, some of your employees will most likely be concerned about returning to work. It’s understandable. Despite the fact that vaccination campaigns are now in full swing, we must all remain cautious of coronavirus.

Clocking in and out using facial recognition technology is a more sanitary and hands-free way of entering the workplace. This is far more sanitary than punching a time clock or manually signing in with a pen and paper.

Furthermore, a biometric time and attendance system can be used in tandem with a COVID-19 employee symptom screening platform.

Facial Biometrics for Employees

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