Are you looking for time clock options for small business? It can be a hassle managing employee time and attendance. Time clock options for small businesses eliminate the frustration of a manual process and automates your entire system. Most businesses use a payroll service and many of those businesses also use an automated time clock system. So why switch to automated time clock software?

Benefits of Time Clock Options

Increased Accuracy

Manual timekeeping can be inaccurate and there is a chance of fraud or not being able to read handwriting. Time clock options reduce the chance of theft and errors occurring. With a time clock, employees can track their time online through a mobile device or biometric time clock.

Increase in Productivity

Month-end payroll is tedious and takes time. If the responsibilities are on one individual it could take many hours to complete. When you use a time clock system, you drastically reduce the time it takes to process your payroll. You can save hours processing payrolls when you choose a time clock option. Everything will be in one place. This allows for your data to be sent to your payroll for processing and eliminates the need for data to be entered manually.

Happy Employees

No more late payments with a time clock attendance system. There is no room for error or delays and wages are paid timeously. Employees feel empowered and feel more motivated to work at their best.

Organized Schedule and Shift Management

With time clock and attendance software, it’s simple to develop and manage entire schedules, assign hours to specific tasks, add staff to tasks and easily keep track of shift swaps. The software also allows you to easily and efficiently determine workloads, resources and even budgets by the department.

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