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Money counter devices have been an increasingly popular and necessary tool for Banks, Credit Unions, Casinos, Retail, and a variety of other enterprises during the last two decades. These machines have a reputation for dramatically reducing money counting errors and assisting in the accuracy of accounting and books.

Money counter machines can save you a lot of time and money because they count money at such a fast rate. But counting isn’t the only thing these machines are capable of. They have a slew of other qualities that make them even more appealing to enterprises.

Money counter devices are good investments for protecting your business’s bottom line from fraudulent or counterfeit banknotes. Most customers, particularly first-time purchasers, find it difficult to figure out which money counting machine offers the most important features for their company.

It’s nice to bring in the pennies, but when cashing up begins to consume too much of your time and work, you’ll need a precision money counter.

Money counters are utilized at all locations where big amounts of currency must be counted, checked, sorted, and packed. These processes are more secure, efficient, and cost-effective when automated rather than performed manually: Counterfeits are more consistently discovered, manual counting and verification processes are no longer necessary, administrative labor is decreased, and staff are relieved of stress. Customer trust in cash processing is bolstered as a result of all of this.

Cash counters are used by banks, cash-in-transit firms, and casinos in practically every functional area, from the counter to the back office or cash center; when cash is put into or taken out of circulation; and on all transportation routes. Cash counting machines are mostly employed in back office activities in other industries, such as retail, catering, petrol stations, and transportation companies. Routine chores such as tallying daily takings, sorting notes and coins, packaging, and recognizing counterfeit money are reduced by these gadgets.

Entry Level Range Money Counters

NX730 UV Entry Level Note Counter

Medium Range Money Counters

NX870 UV Note Counter

Industrial Range money Counters

EC1500 UV Mixed Value Note Counter

Counterfeit money Detectors Available in South Africa

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