Counterfeit Note Detectors Available in South Africa

Counterfeiting is still a big risk to your organization and customers, even if it isn’t as common as it is in other countries. Fake cash has become more common and difficult to detect in Australia, with authorities suspecting that the number of notes reported and confiscated is only a fraction of the total.

Any usage of counterfeit money in your business will result in a loss, either for you because you will be out of pocket for supplying free goods or services, or for your customers because they will receive phony currency as change.

Ultrasafe SA Counterfeit Note Detectors

A Counterfeit Money Detector is an excellent tool to safeguard your company from losses caused by counterfeit money. If your company handles a lot of cash, you could be vulnerable to fraudsters using counterfeit money. Detectors are pre-programmed to detect counterfeit Australian currency notes and offer a quick and simple answer to possible problems for your business and customers.

If you own a cash-handling company, you’ll be interested in learning how to protect yourself and your employees against counterfeiters. Fortunately, there are a number of products that can assist you with this.

Counterfeit banknotes are useless, and there is no recompense for taking them, even if you did so by mistake. It is entirely up to you to safeguard your company and revenues against counterfeit currencies.

When you think about it, purchasing a counterfeit detection gadget will rapidly pay for itself merely by detecting counterfeit notes. Once you’ve caught the thief, you can confront them and refuse to take their money, saving your company the trouble and money that receiving a bogus note would cause.

Ultrasafe SA offers a variety of counterfeit detectors to suit any budget or requirement, ranging from simple detectors that allow you to manually verify a single banknote feature (such as UV or magnetic marks) to advanced, automated multi-point detection technologies.

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