Fingerprint/Proximity Card Readers

  • All units are programmed and fully D.I.Y
  • Courier/delivery to all parts of South Africa.
  • Software installations can be done on-site or on-line via Team Viewer or AnyDesk
  • All readers have an interface for third party electric lock and exit button.

TCIP/IP and USB Host to make data management extremely efficient.

Reliable and durable quality with built-in battery back-up to assist during power failures.

Fingerprint Scanner and Reader Systems

All fingerprint scanner and reader systems are equipped with a UPS Battery Back-up which eliminates the trouble of power outages. Our units are manufactured with an elegant appearance whilst giving you advanced features and quality. These units can be installed in both smaller and larger companies from basic office environments and body corps to service stations, chemical and industrial sites and factories, mines and warehouses.

Each unit is uniquely designed for either Time & Attendance &/or Access Control. Some units are slimline for doors and gates whilst others offer a larger surface area for mounting.

With the ease of downloads, these machines are quite popular as they offer direct downloading of clocking’s onto your pc via network cables or the efficiency of a USB.

A Fingerprint Scanner and Reader eliminates the concept of “buddy clocking” offering the employer peace of mind that he would not be losing out on time (paying workers who have not attended work) and productivity. This is the key factor why a company would invest in a fingerprint reader or a facial recognition reader. It saves you time from manually calculating hours worked using a clock card.

Fingerprint Clocking in Machines

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