Fingerprint Clocking System for Small Businesses

Ultrasafe are suppliers of affordable, high-quality finger clocking systems for small businesses in South Africa. We supply and install fingerprint systems, contact us for a demo and free quote.

Fingerprint Clocking System

Biometrics, smart cards, PINs, and passwords are used to reliably record attendance. Employees can use a self-service fingerprint scanner or card reader to register their attendance promptly, efficiently, and flawlessly. The system also grants appropriate user access permissions to the proper individuals, allowing users to complete their tasks while reducing compliance infractions across your organization.

The operation of a biometric facial recognition attendance system

Facial recognition system algorithms are calculated in a variety of methods; most frequently, the important points of a person’s face are triangulated and saved as a unique code. When the face is scanned upon clocking in or out, it is compared to the stored algorithm for that individual, similar to how fingerprint clocking works. The employee is clocked in or out when it matches.

Because no facial images are saved on the system, there are no privacy or data security concerns that other systems with facial image storage may have.

Best fingerprint clocking system

Fingerprint clocking in machines is now one of the most well-known types of biometric clocking in machines, with hundreds of variations available on the market. Although fingerprint technology has progressed and become more dependable and sophisticated, it is difficult to determine which terminal offers the best value for money and performance.

That’s where we come in because we’ve already chosen and tested the terminals we think are the best. We provide hardware support for all of our terminals, therefore we don’t want to waste time, money, or our reputation by delivering low-quality items.

What Is a Fingerprint Clocking System and How Does It Work?

An electronic sensor captures a digital image of a person’s fingerprint pattern in a biometric fingerprint clocking machine.

The fingerprint image is converted into a numeric code that represents the relative placements of important elements in the fingerprint. These values are saved in the clocking terminal for each user and can’t be utilized to recreate a fingerprint image.

At the time of scanning, the clocking terminal may display an image of the user’s fingerprint (depending on the model). This is only shown for a short time to provide you feedback on the quality of the scan you just finished.

Neither the fingerprint clocking terminal nor the management software package saves images of a user’s fingerprint directly.

For clocking, fingerprint biometric clocking terminals can be set to use either the identification or verification approach.

There can be times when an employee’s fingerprint cannot be registered on the clocking terminal and they will have to utilize another way of clocking. Fingerprint readers are often unsuitable for heavy industry or food preparation locations since cuts and abrasions impair fingerprints, but they can be great for warm, dry, clean environments.

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