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Today’s workforce is always changing, and we’ve created a digital time clock system that can keep up. Handwritten timecards that are inefficient and prone to errors, as well as antiquated digital time clock system, have had their day. Prepare for a new era of automated timekeeping and powerful time-tracking data that can help you manage labor expenditures and boost productivity.

Reduced Payroll Costs

Automated calculating algorithms in modern attendance tracking systems eliminate payroll errors. Advanced functionality is provided by integrated procedures with a digital time clock system. These electronic time clocks help businesses avoid the costly practice of buddy punching.

Networked time clocks must have a function that prevents employees from clocking in for one another. This improves cohesion.

A digital time clock system requires unique input from an employee, as opposed to the constraints of paper time cards. A personal identification number or biometrics could be used. Networked systems are meant to match data between time input and attendance software information.

Time can be tracked using the network, the web, a mobile device, or biometrics. With network capabilities, employees may check in and out for work at their desks. It’s simple to enter time information. The same data is also easily accessible via reporting channels. For managers and supervisors.

Digital Time System using Biometrics

Employees must physically identify themselves for each shift when using attendance software and biometric system. Companies get the best return on investment for any system rollout to track attendance by expecting biometric data such as a fingerprint.

For these scenarios, there are technologies that can be used. The solution is to implement a digital time clock system that is flexible enough to accommodate all employees within the organization. Otherwise, businesses will squander a lot of money deploying various time and attendance systems.

When buying a digital time clock for your company, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must first consider how employees will sign in physically. Traditional punch clocks are recognizable to most of us, but time clocks also exist with alternative sign-in techniques, such as proximity cards and fingerprint scanners. Nowadays, you may also find a time clock that automatically transmits attendance data to a computer.

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