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Ultrasafe SA is a leading supplier of company time clock services.  We specialize in staff and employee time recording, workforce planning, job/labor tracking, and advanced payroll export as specialists in our sector.

Payroll processing is no secret that it is a big deadline-driven burden for businesses of all sizes. It’s especially tough in organizations with unusual work arrangements and for employees who work irregular hours on a regular basis.

When an organization collects all of their employee clocking information via a paper-based or spreadsheet system, it might be difficult to verify if the information is accurate and honest. There is also a lot of manual calculating to be done for overtime and various pay arrangements, which can all be easily automated with a time and attendance system.

With powerful networked time and attendance system software, you may go from low-cost machine clocking to biometric hand scanners. Ultrasafe SA provides the system to satisfy your demands when it comes to tracking your employees’ time. Fingerprint and Face Recognition systems, Company time clock, portable mobile clocking in machines, and proximity card systems are among the products we provide.

Employee Accountability

Streamline time and attendance tracking while increasing employee accountability. Choose from 30 different ways to keep track of time, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, as well as finger prints, facial recognition, and pin access.

Reporting in Real-Time

Take use of real-time analytics while focusing resources on projects. Controlling organizational spending and generating revenue will help you be more efficient.

Management of Absences Using Company Time Clock

Manage employee work schedules with ease while remaining compliance with absence restrictions. Managers can use absence tracking to handle sick leave, paid leave, late arrivals, and other issues.

Managing annual leave is becoming increasingly complex

Manually managing annual leave with spreadsheets and other manual ways can become increasingly challenging as businesses develop. All of your employees’ yearly leave entitlements can be controlled with additional features like carrying forward, special leave, and a request/approve setup using email in a Time and Attendance systems.

Time & Attendance systems

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