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Are you uncertain if your employee clock card machines are suitable for your Randburg business? Ultrasafe SA offers a range of customizable solutions, including fingerprint attendance scanners, iris and facial identification, and mobile clocking, designed to meet your team’s specific needs and budget requirements.

Streamlining employee entry and exit scanning, as well as providing various levels of protection, is essential. This is where employee clock card machines become invaluable. Our contactless smart cards feature mutual authentication, secure reading and writing, and user-defined access keys. With an intuitive user interface, they can be tailored to your specific requirements and comply with industry standards, seamlessly integrating with your current system.

Ultrasafe SA specializes in delivering easy and effective time and attendance systems for businesses of all sizes. A reliable time and attendance system is crucial when managing a workforce. However, choosing the right system is vital to save time and money.

With our comprehensive range of state-of-the-art biometric clocking machines, Ultrasafe SA provides reliable solutions for time and attendance tracking across various environments. Each piece of equipment is carefully selected to serve multiple functions, including time and attendance management and access control.

While we continue to support our mechanical Clock Card reporting clients, our primary focus is on offering cost-effective time-recording alternatives. In addition to Time and Attendance, we also provide secure Access Control that seamlessly integrates with your Time and Attendance recording system.

Are you looking for the best employee clock card machines in Randburg?

Purchase time clock solutions for small businesses that include time clock software. Need assistance determining which system is best for you? Give us a call and we’ll go over your alternatives with you!

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