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The difficulty of having a system that tracks the time and attendance of your employee should be a thing of the past, considering the technology that we have, which is growing at a fast rate to help us run our companies or businesses smoothly. At this age and time, no business should be struggling with the clocking system or the attendance register.

We are here to help you with your clocking system.

We are a reliable clock card machine supplier offering the best products at an affordable price. Our machines include clocking in with a fingerprint, facial recognition, time recorders, and accessories. We are committed to delivering a truly customer-focused and cost-effective service that successfully matches your company’s needs. We provide important time and attendance solutions to a range of sectors, including Government bodies, Education, Healthcare, Commercial organizations, Financial Services, Industrial, Construction, and Retail Industries.

Advantages of being supplied by us or using our clock card machines.

Our clock card machines are affordable and maintainable.
They automatically calculate the correct hours. Auto-deduct for lunch/breaks clocked/not clocked, as well as auto-deduct for lateness and early departure.
Using our clock card machines, clocking system, and time & attendance system will help you to monitor and manage your employees and payroll easily, reducing administration costs and time.
We offer easy-to-use biometric fingerprint clocking in machines that are accurate, reliable, and take just a second to clock.
You will spend most of your time growing your business instead of using it to monitor your employees.

Helping you improve the attendance of your employees and the production of your company.

Clock card machines are a must-have system for any company that desires to grow because they improve the attendance of your employees, unlike traditional clock in systems where employees cheat the system and clock in time for colleagues who are running late or even clock in for those who didn’t show up for work. With our clock card machines, we can assure you that you will pay employees for the hours they worked and be able to discover those who are constantly late, those who take long breaks, and even those who are used to leaving work before time. Your company production will also be amazingly boosted.

Clock card machines help business owners, line managers, and supervisors to receive automatically generated reports telling them who didn’t clock in to act fast and ensure shifts are adequately covered.

We love what we do and we pride ourselves on delivering quality products at an affordable price, we strive to become the trusted, reliable supplier of clock card machines, clocking in machines, time recorders, and accessories, ensuring that we meet your company’s needs. We are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our service and enjoyed the extent of our reliability.

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