The biometric finger scanner is a next-generation biometric-based technology that offers a dependable, helpful and user-friendly way of verifying an individual’s identity through a biometric finger scanner. Fingerprint scanners are used for enrollment, verification and identification in various projects where the identity of people is required. Ultrasafe’s biometric fingerprint scanners offer superb accuracy, execution and continuance. Our fingerprint scanners deliver fast personality verification with high levels of security in a consistent way for employees and identity verification.

Advantages of a fingerprint scanner

Biometric Finger Scanner offers Security

Unlike a password type security system, the fingerprint scanner system is very secure and user friendly. Biometric finger data is unique to each individual and is impossible to duplicate or copy. A biometric finger reader is the best option for any business.

Biometric Finger Scanners offer Accuracy

Fingerprint scanning is one of the most accurate biometric systems. It is almost one hundred per cent accurate and the perfect security solution.

Finger Scanners are Fast

It is faster than the traditional security system and allows faster access control and authority on your device. The days of remembering difficult passwords are gone with this technology.

Fingerprint scanning is the most affordable authentification system. Passwords are free and easy to reset.
We all face the struggle of lost or forgotten passwords. It is very disheartening and a complete waste of time and money.

Biometric Finger Scanner Offers the Best ROI

The fingerprint scanner has an unmatched ROI that is better than most security solutions. It’s a single device that keeps track of every sign in and employee access in a large business. The fingerprint scanner is better than a resource that would do the same job for a high salary.
Requires less Storage
The fingerprint scanner requires less storage. Less storage space is needed to store fingerprint templates. It is difficult to carry an access card and ID in your wallet. Most of the products use fingerprint scanning technology.

Employee time management devices

Fingerprint scanners for employees

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