Best employee clock in systems available in South Africa

A clocking system allows employees to utilize a clocking terminal to record their working start, finish, and break times.

What are the advantages of employing an employee clocking system?

Employees can clock in and out to correctly record their start and completion times by clocking in and out. Employees can also clock in and out for breaks if necessary, allowing for an accurate record of every time worked.

Improved payroll accuracy

Clocking reduces errors associated with manual time tracking, ensures that working hours are always accurately recorded, and simplifies payroll processing. All of this saves HR, Payroll, and line managers time, while employees may rest assured that they will be paid for all standard and overtime hours performed.

Fairness and transparency for employees

There may be a sense that some individuals and departments work harder and longer than others in some organizations. Working hours are recorded to provide an unbiased record of employee working patterns, providing a sense of justice and certainty.

What are the different types of best employee clock in systems?


  • Terminals with Biometrics
  • Face recognition on a touchless biometric terminal
  • Proximity Clocks
  • Clocks with cards
  • fingerprint scanner

The choice of clocking alternatives available can be bewildering if you’ve opted to deploy a Time and Attendance management solution and want your employees to clock in and out, but this is where Ultrasafe SA’s experience comes in. We’ll walk you through the various alternatives and assist you in selecting the ideal Clocking System for your company’s specific needs.

It’s possible that not all of your employees will need to use the same timekeeping system. Employees may be based in various places or in various working situations, for example, industrial workers may require a more durable solution, whilst office workers may be able to use a tablet, desktop, or even mobile device. If you’re utilizing clock in systems as part of your Time and Attendance Management, you can rest certain that Ultrasafe SA will make sure you’re using the best employee clock-in systems.

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