Facial Recognition is Best for Businesses

Want to know why facial recognition is best for businesses? Read further. Fingerprint and hand geometry biometric clocking has been replaced by facial recognition terminals. One of the primary reasons companies are increasingly relying on facial recognition for time and attendance is the technology’s ability to clock employees in and out without the need for physical contact. Many personnel are processed swiftly without having to submit any information into the clocking device. As a result, facial recognition is best for businesses that experience a spike in volume during shift changes. ​

How Do Face Recognition Clocking in Systems  Work?

Face-recognition clocking in devices always use the method where there is no need to touch the machine at all to clock in. When a face is in front of the terminal, the terminal will attempt to match that face to one of its stored face templates. Facial recognition clocking terminals record the positions of your face’s main features when they create a template for you to store.

Face-recognition terminals need to be out of direct sunlight, because this can make it hard for them to “recognise” a face in front of them (just as we struggle to see when a light is shining in our eyes). During the time clocking process, employees may also have to take their spectacles off. As long as you don’t change your spectacles, you can register on a facial recognition clocking device. The face reader isn’t likely to recognise you if you change your spectacles.

Hygenic Time and Attendance

This is a hygienic and comprehensive technology that can be used by all employees. Facial recognition clocking in systems don’t have problems with dust, sweat, and grease on dirty hands, making it a good choice for all employees. Face recognition terminals, like all biometric terminals, prevent individuals from clocking in for each other. Let’s face facts – facial recognition is best for businesses!


When it comes to business, can you afford to not use facial recognition technology?If you want to stay ahead of the game, stop using paper systems and physical clocking in cards and start using one of our facial recognition clocking in systems instead! Contact Ultrasafe SA today!


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