UV Counterfeit Money Detector

UV counterfeit money detector, which is designed for small to large enterprises, is ideal for catching counterfeit items in any fast-paced retail setting. Without slowing down the queue and catching the fraudster. Perfect for restaurants and bars, as well as security officers, government organizations, where ID authentication is required.

Counterfeiters have been able to come up with new ways to fabricate currency because of technological advancements. How can you keep up with the times and use technology to prevent counterfeit Rands out of your wallet? Are you trying to figure out what the greatest counterfeit money detector is? Ultrasafe SA is dedicated to staying current with tactics and technology in order to assist you in protecting your business against counterfeit money, and can provide you with the most accurate answer to the question:

Which counterfeit money detector is ideal for my business?

Counterfeit Note Detector, using a UV light is a convenient and popular option for all businesses.


Desktop UV2 Counterfeit Note Detector


The D40 is a fantastic option for a retail environment with limited space and low-risk exposure.

Choose the D40 Pen in retail locations where counter space is restricted, as it includes a recognized counterfeit detection marker. The D40 counterfeit note detector is useful in a wide range of locations.


D40 Counterfeit Note Detector


A counterfeit money detector can take numerous shapes, but at its core, it’s a gadget that detects the security features on banknotes to identify whether they’re genuine or counterfeit. It employs one or more detection methods to validate bank notes’ security characteristics. UV, watermark, and metal thread detection are examples of these methods.

Detection of Counterfeit notes using UV Light

UV is the most widely utilized counterfeit detection method, and it may be found in the majority of low-cost equipment. By flashing ultraviolet light over the bills, a UV detector confirms the UV marks on legitimate notes. Non-visible dyes that are only visible under UV light are used to make these UV marks. When exposed to UV light, the UV printed images should shine, indicating that the banknote is genuine.

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