Time Attendance Access Control

Time attendance access control is a system that tracks employee time and attendance over a period of time and is traditionally used within a building or workplace to monitor hours on-site. In the workplace, traditional time and attendance systems use punch cards and time clocks whereby a worker arrives at a workplace and ‘clock in’ and then ‘clock out’ when they leave for the day. This helps employers to know when did the employee arrive at work, when did they start or stop working, and if they were present or not.

However, over a period of time with the old traditional way of time attendance access control, most companies have been badly affected by what is known as “time theft” which occurs when an employee accepts pay for the time they didn’t work. Other time theft examples are, staying clocked in during breaks, not clocking out to run errands, or checking social media during work hours.

Time theft is also done by “buddy punching”, which is when an employee clocks for his colleagues in their absence. An example will be when you are running late for work, and you won’t be able to clock in on time, then send a quick text to a colleague asking them to clock in for you. Or you need to duck out a few minutes early and don’t want the boss to know, and you ask your colleague to clock you out at the actual end of your shift. Maybe you can’t show up for your shift at all, so your buddy does you a favor and punches your timecard by clocking in/out for you, thus the name, buddy punching.

It is therefore important to implement a reliable or accurate time attendance access control system that will help you to eliminate buddy punching and ensure that employees only get paid for the time they have worked. Solutions to consider are biometric readers or even just having proper supervision.

What are the benefits of time attendance access control?

It saves you and your business time and money, but only when it is accurate and used properly.
It gives you an accurate time report for accurate working hours.
It helps you identify employees who are regularly late or made a habit of leaving before time.
It can help you to eliminate payroll errors as correcting them is time-consuming.
It provides data to assist with productivity, human resource management, energy usage, automation, and other organizational aspects that link to ‘where and when’ an employee was on-site.

Biometric readers remain to be very effective when it comes to time attendance access control, as fingerprint, facial, or voice recognition requires the person to be there, unlike access card or password that your colleague can punch on your behalf. It is therefore important to choose a time attendance access control system that is accurate and reliable.

Let Ultrasafe help you choose an access control system that will accurately work for you.

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