Time and attendance system for businesses is essential for tracking the time your employees are working daily. Businesses around the world have been recording the time and attendance of their staff for decades. The days of punching individual time cards into a spreadsheet are over. There are many benefits to using a time and attendance system, such as:

  • Digital tracking of times that shifts start and finish
  • Mobile apps and remote clock-in options for a distributed or remote workforce
  • Time and attendance systems offer workforce reports and exports data to payroll systems.

Eliminate Spreadsheets and Save Time

You can eliminate spreadsheets and save time by not having to plan your employee’s shifts. With a time attendance system, you will be able to create and plan your employee shifts in advance, thereby enabling management to plan, based on a companies budget.

Reducing Time of Communication and Admin procedures

A time and attendance system can greatly reduce the time your HR department and managers have to spend communicating with employees. Once a schedule has been planned for the coming weeks or months ahead it is published. Employees can view their planned shifts, leave time available and job role. This also allows the organization to publish available or open shifts so that employees can work extra shifts.

Reduction of Payroll Costs

Time and attendance systems keep employees to their contracted hours and save costs to the company. Staff pay and overtime are calculated automatically by the system based on your companies pay and overtime rates. This not only reduces the time spent on manual calculations but removes any human error, which can cost a company thousands of rands. This system also reduces the loss of revenue due to fraud and incorrect timesheets.

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