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We understand when you’re looking for a money counting device for your office or home, and we’ve got you covered. Cash counting machines, note counting machines, and coin counting machines are among the money counters we offer. To calculate the worth of the coins, coin counting machines may include a money counting scale.

Money Counting devices from Ultrasafe SA provide a wide range of applications.

What is the purpose of money counting devices, and where are they used?

Money counters are utilized at all locations where big amounts of currency must be counted, checked, sorted, and packed. These processes are more secure, efficient, and cost-effective when automated rather than performed manually: Counterfeits are more consistently discovered, and manual counting and checking operations are no longer necessary.

What are the benefits of cash counting machines over hand counting?

Money counters can count big amounts of cash far faster than personnel can do it by hand. They also never lose track of time. This makes cash transactions more secure and efficient, as well as more cost-effective, such as payments in and out of the counter, ATM loading, and daily shutting of tills.

How does money counter function?

Banknotes are inserted into the insertion chamber of banknote counting devices. The notes are individually suctioned out of the feeder and routed through the device using mechanical transport equipment such as endless conveyor belts, idler pulleys, and diverter pulleys, as well as pivoting gates, using negative pressure. Banknote counting machines are quite accurate.

For financial institutions

In central and commercial banks, all forms of money counters are employed, from small devices on branch counters and in the back office to high-performance systems in huge cash centers. They’re simple to use and come with dust-resistant and noise-reducing enclosures, as well as connections to other IT systems. A bank’s cash counters can validate banknotes using a variety of security features. As a result, even well-made counterfeits are reliably detected. They also sift soiled and damaged banknotes that can no longer be used in circulation.

Ultrasafe are suppliers of money counters in South Africa

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