Electronic time recorder can make a huge difference. Do your staff submit timesheets on paper? Or do they input hours into a spreadsheet and send it to you at the end of the month for your approval? Or do you still rely on an antiquated system known as a punch card system?

If you answered “Yes, we still do everything by hand and it’s a nightmare,” then it’s time to embrace the digital age. Purchasing a time-tracking app can be beneficial.

When you track time as you work, you get more accurate bills than when you estimate time after the fact. Furthermore, the finest work time tracking apps track time properly without rounding, resulting in fewer errors. Furthermore, having a better level of accuracy not only builds trust with your clientele, but it also benefits your business. When you have a precise understanding of how you spend your time, you can make better decisions.

These are advantages of using a time monitoring tool

Employee time monitoring machines have already been adopted by a large number of businesses. In reality, over 40% of firms in the South Africa utilize a time tracking tool, and that number is steadily increasing. When you look at the numbers, it makes sense:

The payroll process is sped up by using an employee electronic time recorder

Installing an employee electronic time recorder benefits your company in a variety of ways, but there are several options to consider. We combed the market and prepared a list of the top 12 best work time monitoring applications to make your decision-making process easier.

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