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Payrolls are streamlined and automated with the Time and Attendance feature, which eliminates the possibility of human error. With our biometric system access to any number of specified locations on your business premises may be strictly regulated and restricted by using facial and fingerprint recognition to reject access or to release the turnstiles and enable entry. Even the most complex working situations are accounted for thanks to highly configurable work rules and patterns. Line managers can also receive daily data on their employees’ attendance through our automated reporting, enabling quick modifications and replies in the event of unplanned staff absences.

Biometric Controlling Access

Using our biometric machines for sale in conjunction with turnstiles and magnetic door locks, movement within shops or factories to particular areas such as bathrooms and change rooms, or any other defined location, can be carefully regulated and restricted. Unauthorized personnel is denied access using facial and fingerprint identification, which is both reliable and secure.

Biometric identity is becoming increasingly important in our daily security

Work rules can be changed to fit each company’s needs, such as automatic deduction of lunch and tea breaks, removal of duplicated scans, and automated rounding of start and end hours. Our system’s clever design will automatically recognize and assign shifts depending on employees’ start and end hours.

Biometric identity is becoming increasingly important in our daily security. Even in the case of twins, physical attributes are largely constant and individualized. Password systems for computers, phones, and restricted access rooms and buildings can all be replaced or supplemented with a person’s unique biometric identity.

After the biometric data has been collected and mapped, it is retained in order to be matched with future access attempts. This information is usually encrypted and saved on the device or on a remote server.

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