Biometric Access Control

Our biometric access control systems provide unobtrusive, customized protection for your house, facility, or campus. We use advanced biometric recognition scanners and door locks to identify fingerprints, irises, or faces, among other things, removing the need for access control cards and keypad codes. We assist you in deploying advanced security solutions for access control by using access biometric readers access control systems.

Biometrics is a method of determining a person’s identity based on chemical, behavioral, or physical characteristics, and it is useful in large-scale identity management in a variety of applications. This technology can also be used to monitor access to computer networks, financial transactions, and transportation systems.

To obtain the required verification data from an individual, a biometric readers’ access control or scanning system is used. In fingerprint biometrics, an optical sensor is used to create an image of the ridge structure at a fingertip, which then acts as the foundation for further access control operation.

The information required to process biometric readings is stored in a biometric device database. The function prototype is entered into the database when defining access control criteria, often along with biographical details unique to the user to improve security levels. The parameter setting and data collection procedures can be automated or done under the supervision of a technician.

A single biometric sample is often enough to extract a user template. A biometric device may process several samples to create a mosaic representation in certain situations. Some systems often keep numerous models on hand to account for data variations caused by a single user. This approach is commonly used in facial recognition biometrics, where multiple models are used to account for each person.



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