Time and attendance systems in South Africa

Biometric time and attendance systems use an employee’s fingerprints to confirm when they’ve arrived and left for the day. The worker’s fingerprint is scanned into the system, the employee’s location is calculated, and the system creates a map of the fingerprint’s endpoints and intersections. In a nutshell, biometric authentication has many benefits.

Advantages of Time and Attendance Systems

There are a lot of positives associated with biometric authentication and its uses in contemporary technology and digital applications.

Biometric identification provides the answers to “something a person has and is” and helps verify identity with a high degree of security and assurance.

Practical and quick for the user

The use of one’s biometric information is personal and cannot be shared.

Impossible to forge or steal biometric information

Superior safety and confidence

Using a tangible, real-world trait that can be verified as both something the user has and something the user is, biometrics provide higher levels of assurance to providers that a person is real. Most users’ passwords, PINs, and personal identifying information have likely been stolen in a data breach, giving fraudsters who still have this information access to billions of user accounts. Even if a fraudster figures out that a person uses their dog’s name and some lucky numbers for most of their online accounts, they still won’t be able to use their fingerprint to unlock an account if they aren’t able to provide it on the spot, which is why biometric time and attendance systems are so useful.

Companies can save time and money with biometric time and attendance systems because they are simple to operate, quick to set up, and well-liked by employees. In addition to preventing the misuse of company time, they also do not endanger the privacy of employees’ sensitive information.

System for Tracking Time and Attendance

Employee Time and Attendance Systems in Gauteng

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