Before providing access, the Fingerprint Recognition Access Control system uses biometric technology and four-factor identity identification to confirm a person’s identity.

The examination of a finger pushed against a smooth surface by fingerprint recognition technology. The ridges and valleys of the finger are scanned, and the spots where the ridges and valleys terminate or meet are known as minutiae. The Fingerprint Recognition Access Control System employs these particulars for comparison.

Fingerprints are non-transferable, preventing the sharing of passwords or the “clocking in” on behalf of a coworker. This enables more precise labour tracking and provides additional protection against the theft of critical materials.

A fingerprint scanner connected to a human resource management system can lower your HR department’s labour expenses. Instead than manually reviewing each employee’s timesheet, the technology will automate payroll processes.

Over time, these processes are streamlined, affording your HR department adequate time to focus on other crucial business matters. A Fingerprint Recognition Access System may be implemented quickly, unlike other security solutions that require specialised training.

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