Fingerprint Clock in Systems in South Africa.


Ultrasafe offers a variety of fingerprint clock in systems not only prevent employees from clocking in for a buddy but saves your business money. This happens by eliminating payroll mistakes and costly time fraud. Today’s fingerprint time clock machines are incredibly efficient at verifying fingerprints even in case of dry, cracked, or dirty fingers.

The fingerprint clocking in machine and software include:
Exception tracking
Automatically paid leave
Adhoc reports

Why is Fingerprint Clock in systems the Best Option?

The fingerprint clock in systems is the best solution for business owners. HR departments and supervisors help to track employees working hours. Biometric terminals bring efficiency to the workplace by providing an unparalleled ability to accurately capture real-time data and reducing labor costs while increasing profit and productivity.
Ultrasafe designs and manufactures biometrical terminals and devices with an integrated time and attendance software to track employee attendance hours and keep all data in one system. This device scans an employee’s unique fingerprint to record when they clock in or out of a terminal. Fingerprint templates are stored, not the actual fingerprint itself but the digital representation of it. This provides the highest privacy and security for employees.

The Benefits of Fingerprint Terminals

Fingerprint terminals are the result of biometric technology. It refers to unique, measurable human biological characteristics that can be used for identification. We all have a unique fingerprint, so the use of fingerprint readers is beneficial for the following reason:
It eliminates the opportunity for employees to “buddy punch” onto the work clock which costs a business a lot of money.

It prevents employees from stealing time and wages. It provides a high-security level at all entry points of a building

It provides a high degree of internal security where verification of access to protected documents are secure
Human resource professionals balance integrating new technology with the right employers and employees. The biggest question about biometric time clocks is the benefits of the time this system offers securely.


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