Face Reader Technology

Face reader technology helps you eliminate time theft, this software uses advanced AI that ensures employees are clocking in and out of their shift by capturing a photograph of an employee and matching it to those already stored in their workforce profile.

To gain accurate and reliable data about facial expressions, a face reader is the best system to assist your workforce time attendance

Why use a face reading system?

  • Automated analysis of facial expressions brings clear insights into the effect of different stimuli on emotions.
  • Very easy to use: save valuable time and resources
  • Easy integration with eye-tracking data physiology data
  • Fulfillment of multiple requirements within a single platform for the manufacturing industry
  • The time and attendance function streamline and automates payrolls while eliminating human error.
  • Access to a number of designated areas on your business premises can be tightly controlled and restricted with a biometric face reading system.
  • Customized work rules and patterns ensure that even the most complex environments are catered for.
  • Our automated reporting enables line managers to receive daily reports on their employees’ attendance allowing rapid adjustments and responses in the event of unforeseen absenteeism.
  • An accurate and reliable facial verification feature means there is no longer an opportunity for team members to punch in on behalf of each other, or clock in and out on behalf of the other person. This means employees only get paid for hours worked. This prevents them from skipping out on a shift.

Time theft is a massive financial constraint on employers, with the average employer paying staff thousands of dollars a year for hours they haven’t actually worked. Imagine this: an employee is running late for their shift and asks a friend to clock them in. the next day someone else does the same. Every 15 minutes adds up, therefore the employer will be paying their team for 4.5 hours a week that they actually didn’t even do.

Facial recognition systems and time management solutions 

Access Control Using Face Recognition

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