The practise of keeping track of when workers clock in and out of shifts is now automated by employee time and attendance systems. Systems like this allow for a distributed or mobile workforce by providing mobile apps and remote clock-in alternatives. Reports and exports from time and attendance systems can be used to feed information about your staff into your payroll software.

With the use of an attendance tracking system, the human resources department can see exactly who is clocking in and at what time. Employees will only be paid for the actual time they put in, removing any guesswork from payroll. The true cost of labour can be calculated with the help of an attendance system. This is something that the HR division absolutely needs.

Ultrasafe SA offers services for tracking employees’ time and attendance that may be implemented by any company. Our biometric and tagging systems were developed to assist businesses in reaching their full potential by fostering an environment of heightened efficiency and accountability.

Our ZK TF1700 is a combination of robust features and affordable pricing making it an excellent time and attendance solution for rapidly expanding small businesses.

Ultrasafe SA digital time clocks make it easy for small enterprises to make the switch from using paper timecards to a digital time clock.

Contact Ultrasafe SA today to learn more about our comprehensive product line and the many advantages it offers.

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