Clock Card Clocking Machine Upgrade

A surprising number of businesses still use the mechanical clock card clocking machine. It’s plausible that one of them is your business. It could have been there for a long time. If it hasn’t broken and you’ve been getting along just fine anyway, why bother replacing it?

Proximity and Biometric Clocking

You can access all the information on a clock card, as well as anything and everything else related to time and attendance, by using Proximity and Biometric clocking, all of which is operated in real-time by computer software. Automatically applied leniency and rounding can be incorporated. Using the system, you’ll know right away if someone is going to be late or doesn’t turn up to work, allowing you to take action straight away. All of this information is at your fingertips with a simple mouse click. Overtime can be computed automatically. Instead of spending hours each week reviewing clock cards, why not use a system that can perform all of these calculations in a couple of seconds?

On the other hand, using a modern time and attendance system might greatly hinder or eliminate buddy clocking depending on the terminal you choose. Proximity Deterring buddy clocking is easy using key fob terminals. When a person is running late to work, it is very likely that their key fob is in their car or home. Calling ahead and asking a friend or family member to clock in on their behalf should be out of the picture. For example, the usage of biometric devices, such as a finger scanner or hand scanner, makes it difficult to clock in without using one’s finger or hand.

Investment in time and attendance systems is a long-term approach. A system that you can rely on for a decade or more should be in place! As a result, clock card systems have been considered moot by the modern time and attendance system’s sophistication and versatility. When it comes to keeping track of your employees’ hours, a clock card machine is not really going to cut it.

In latest years, our biometric clocking terminals have become a hot item. Employees can be positively identified at the gate or when clocking in or out using these devices that scan the unique physical traits of each one of them. We now have amazing low-cost, ultra-reliable solutions for small startups as well, so this technology is no longer just for large corporations.

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