Cash Counting Machines in South Africa


Money counting machines make life a lot easier for any business that deals with cash. Sorting and counting money takes time, so it just makes sense that money counting machines are vital. These machines save you time and money and they are fast and accurate.

Who Uses Cash Counting Machines?

Banks, government agencies, businesses, restaurants, convenience stores, and even churches. But yet, people remain suspicious, mainly because they seem too easy. It may seem like cheating but these machines eliminate cheating by providing instantaneous accuracy and detecting fake money.

How do Cash Counting Machines Work?


Most cash counter machines are easy to use, portable, and require little to no training. Cash counting machines operate by placing a stack of money in place. The cash counter then pulls each note through one by one, instantly recognizing the number of times an internal ray of light is interrupted to determine the total. Cash counters can detect counterfeit money by using a black light to illuminate cash, which has fluorescent symbols printed on them. This is what distinguishes between real and counterfeit. Your bills are counted and checked at lightning speed without concerns or miscounts or paying bills that the banks reject when a deposit is made.

How do Coin Counters Work?

For those of us who rely on debit cards, the idea of a money-counting machine may seem outdated. But for businesses such as vending machine suppliers, restaurants, and stores, the money just adds up and up, this is why a coin counter is just as good an investment as a cash counter. Separated coins may go through a separate coin counter. The most efficient coin-counting machines work similarly to currency counters. Each time the light is interrupted, the machine recognizes the coin and makes a calculation.

Money counting Machine Benefits

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