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Are you looking for biometrics products in Randburg. With a variety of options, including contactless biometric identification, facial scanning, proximity card clocking, Bluetooth link to mobile phones, asset tracking, and WiFi, mobile and ethernet communications, Ultrasafe SA provides safe time management, access control, and employee self-service as well as asset tracking.

Using our biometric system in conjunction with turnstiles, you can tightly control and restrict access to any number of designated areas on your business premises by using facial and fingerprint recognition to deny access or to release the turnstiles and permit entry.

Even the most complex working environments can be accommodated by rules and patterns that are very customizable.

Line managers can also receive daily reports on employee attendance through our automated reporting, allowing them to make quick adjustments and responses in the event of unexpected staff absenteeism.

Full biometric device support will be provided to you. Other alternatives include thermal temperature detection and fingerprint and facial recognition. Additional solutions for smaller teams include USB-based machines that may be linked directly to a POS system, allowing personnel to be effectively scanned in or out of the company.

When paired with turnstiles and magnetic door locks, our biometric system can strictly manage access to restrooms, changing rooms, or any other designated area in a shop. Employees who are authorized to enter can be granted entry by using facial or fingerprint recognition systems that block access to those who aren’t.

Automated deduction of lunch and tea breaks, eradication of duplicated scans and automatic rounding up of start and end times can be tailored to each company’s needs. Our system’s intelligent architecture will automatically identify and allocate shifts based on the start and end timings of employees.

Protecting a valuable asset from harm is known as “security.” As a result, your security needs will vary depending on the asset at danger and who is responsible for defending it.

In contrast to PINs, passwords, and tokens, biometrics can address the risks incurred by the asset owner as well as the trust between the asset owner and the credential holder.

For example, a banking system may place a high value on the security of a person’s own bank account when that person possesses a bank card and PIN. When it comes to theme parks, they may think that their customers aren’t concerned about sharing a season pass, and hence place minimal trust in them.

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