ULTRASAFE supply the Ajax home security system in South Africa. Ajax the best home security system in South Africa.

Ajax security system

Ajax introduces us to the age of Smart, Wireless, Alarm Systems, giving you the User, full control over the security of your Home, all seamlessly monitored and managed at the simple touch of a button, compatible with any and all Windows, Mac, iOS & Android devices.

The Ajax System wirelessly communicates with its devices via Highly Secure, step-by-step, encrypted authentication, using Radio Protocols for internal communication as well as GSM/GPRS & IP for communication with Users, Administrators and Armed Response.

Any Invasion, Burglary, Power Failure, Network Failure or attempt to breach the system will instantaneously trigger off the alarm notifying designated Users as well as your entrusted security company. The Value-added Panic feature, when triggered, immediately sends through the Panic/Distress notification to all Users as well as providing an accurate Geo-tag of the Users current location when triggering the Panic, whether within the Home or not.

The best wireless security system for home and business.

Wireless security systems for home and business that revolutionize the industry. Our mission is to bring professional security technologies closer to people. The product line includes dozens of devices: motion detectors, opening detectors, glass break detectors, leak and fire detectors, as well as sirens, relays, and smart plugs. They allow Ajax to perform tasks of a burglar alarm and smart home system simultaneously.

Ultrasafe supply Ajax which is the best home security system in South Africa.

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