Bell timers and sirens for business. Business managers across South Africa can rely on the Ultrasafe SA team to significantly enhance and streamline their productivity and workforce management, thanks to over decades of firsthand and comprehensive industry experience. We provide the best time tracking and attendance monitoring items to our valued customers all over South Africa.

What Are the Advantages of Using Bell Timers?

Bell timers are most effective in noisy environments where they can be heard over machinery or equipment since they are programmable, can be set at different times, and emit a shrill tone that attracts attention. These timers are ideal for situations where you need to notify staff around a wide area when it’s time to start working, take a break, or go home.

Ultrasafe SA Bell Timers

We’ve been offering signal management systems in schools and industrial settings for over 15 years. All of our systems are created with the unique needs of the customer in mind.

Unlike most online retailers, we are a design/build business, so we can custom-build any timer you want. If you don’t see anything that suits you, send us an email or give us a call.

Factory Bell Timers and Sirens

You take pride in the manufacturing processes’ accuracy and ability to fill huge orders on short notice. However, if your workers’ timekeeping isn’t up to par, you’ll be leaving a significant hole in your search for quality improvement. Small pockets of unproductive time quickly swell into vast swaths of inefficiency, eroding business success, all due to a lack of connected facts.

Cities, counties, colleges, manufacturing plants, and nuclear power plants all over South Africa depend on Ultrasafe SA sirens as the gold standard in outdoor alarm equipment and systems to provide people with the most powerful outdoor warning sirens possible.

Bell Times and Siren Orbis Timers

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