Wireless Intercom systems

Ultrasafe SA’s wireless intercom systems offer an innovative alternative to standard wired intercoms by combining accessibility, durability, ease of use, and security. The wireless intercom is ideal for multi-unit affordable housing because it checks all the boxes for both housing managers and residents.

Our security engineers have years of experience designing bespoke security solutions and installing a wide range of access control systems in offices, factories and industrial sites, schools and colleges, hospitals, hotels, and care homes, as well as those that can be linked to Building Management Systems. We can install a cutting-edge access control system on your property, making it safer and more secure for you and your staff.

Commercial buildings, schools, industrial plants, warehouses, and other areas that require two-way voice communication can benefit from Wireless Intercom Systems, which are professional, effective, and simple to install.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most reliable and scalable access control systems that not only provide greater security but also a better user experience. We’ll be able to supply the most appropriate systems for safeguarding access to your property based on your individual company demands.

Do I Need Expert Installation of my wireless intercom system?

Professional installers are not required to deploy wireless systems. All of the remote components, such as intercoms, speakers, message boards, and visual alert devices, can be installed without professional assistance because the entire system is wireless.

Your existing intercom system can be added to, replaced, or upgraded


  • Replace an outdated, broken intercom system without having to run wires.
  • Add two-way intercom communication to an existing PA system.
  • Include pre-recorded messaging and a break-bell schedule in your intercom system.

Wireless Home Intercom Systems

From whole-house intercom systems to increasingly common wireless video intercoms, wired and wireless home intercoms have been a standard in home security and communication. Intercom systems and supplies are available from Home Controls for any size home or installation.

Wireless Camera Surveillance in Gauteng and Durban

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