What are Biometric Clocking Systems?

Biometric clocking systems have become popular in the business world. When it comes to tracking employees and their attendance, the biometric clocking systems are reliable and accurate. The system is easy to install and data is easily tracked.

The biometrics clocking system prevents employees from clocking in for another employee. Previous methods include a time clock, sign-in sheet and ID card.  This reduces employee time fraud and increases productivity.

How do Biometric Clocking Systems Work?

Biometrics clocking systems work through fingerprint verification and shows who is clocking in and out for the day. The fingerprint is scanned and coordinates are determined and the system maps the fingerprints. Many employers worry that biometric clock systems can be hacked or logged into by external entities, such as law enforcement. This is not the case as it is safe and secure. It can only be used, and data accessed by the company that uses the system.  These systems can be used for tracking time and provides employees to certain areas of a building.

There is no personal information used in the biometric system except for employees fingerprint and employee ID. The employee’s information such as birth date is not used by the biometric system. The system is secure from hackers as there is no information worth stealing.

Restrict Employee and Non-employee Access

One benefit of a biometric system is that it restricts employees and non-employees to access certain areas of your organization. If a group of employees are not supposed to access a certain area of your building, their fingerprints will be flagged and they will not be able to enter.

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