Time and attendance tracking is critical in today’s workplace. With the rise of work-from-home policies, businesses must be able to track employee attendance in order to maintain accurate payroll records, calculate benefits, and comply with labour regulations.

However, tracking attendance is a time-consuming task for both employers and employees. With traditional time and attendance systems, there has also been a significant increase in “buddy punching” and time theft. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are using biometric time clocks to track employee attendance and calculate payroll. Biometric technologies provide a very precise method of tracking employee attendance and eliminate the complexity of payroll computations.

But, what is a biometric time clock? Continue reading to learn more about biometric systems and how they may be used to track employee time and attendance.

What exactly is biometric data?

Biometric data or measures based on an individual’s physical or behavioural features, such as fingerprints, eyes, or voice, are referred to as biometric information. Because biometric traits are unique to each individual and cannot be easily copied, biometric information is frequently utilised for authentication. Faces, fingerprints, and tone of voice are all distinct and inextricably linked to the individual. As a result, these qualities provide an exceptionally safe method of verifying a person’s identification.

How Does a Biometric System Function?

Fingerprints have long been used as a means of distinguishing oneself. Biometric procedures now are only an extension of that process. Aside from timekeeping systems, biometric information is employed in a variety of different applications. It can be used to lock safes, trace criminal activity, and secure digital accounts. With biometric technologies, digital technology has provided new and sophisticated ways to authenticate persons.

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