Time & Attendance Systems in Jozi

Are you looking for time & attendance systems in Jozi? Look no further. Ultrasafe SA has all the time & attendance tools you need for your business – big or small. Don’t let your workforce management supplier force you into a mold that doesn’t fit your business.

In order to understand time and attendance systems, we must first understand what they are

Electronic time clocks, internet-enabled laptops, mobile devices, and telephones can be used to clock in and out.

The data is immediately transferred to software that can easily import it into your payroll system.

There is a lot more to these systems than simply keeping track of when staff enter and go. In addition, they say:

Using geolocation and geofencing, you can keep tabs on your mobile staff. Make it possible to see in real time who is on the clock or not, when they arrived on time or are about to go over their hourly rate. Organize your paid vacation and holiday time (PTO) Establish work schedules for employees. Specify the number of hours worked by each employee.

For many time-tracking jobs, Time and Attendance systems provide employees with the ability to manage their own calendars and PTO accruals through self-service.

Many of these are available in the form of on-premises or cloud-based options. It’s important to note that your Time and Attendance System supplier will host both on and off-premises systems, with the latter accessible via the internet.

Workforce costs are generally often the biggest expense for a company or organization
In reality, studies suggest that 40% to 80% of a company’s overall operating revenue is spent on workers.

There isn’t enough money in the budget to deal with the numerous and costly dangers of poor management of the workforce, such as:

  • Miscalculations
  • Unnecessary hours worked
  • Processes that are both time-consuming and inefficient
  • The consequences of noncompliance
  • Fines and penalties

An attendance monitoring system gives you the control you need to make sure your business stays within budget, stays in compliance, and keeps precise records of everything that goes on.

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