Time and attendance software has many benefits. The ability to automate the capturing and recording of time is revolutionizing how companies (of all sizes) streamline their manual punch clock, payroll, and timesheet processes.

Perhaps you use a time and attendance software system to monitor when workers begin and end their shifts. That means you must not only monitor when workers are at work, but also maintain clear records of when they are not working, such as vacation time, on-call, sick leave, and jury duty, in order to comply with labor laws and union requirements. Through automating these procedures, you can conveniently maintain accurate records of daily attendance as well as issues like unexplained absences, tardiness, and sick days.

Once and for all, get rid of your manual processes

Manual time and attendance software systems expose your company to costly mistakes. If that isn’t enough to keep you awake at night, consider how time-consuming administrative activities cost the company money by increasing the risk of errors and wasting countless hours on manual processes. These dangers are reduced by using an integrated time and attendance monitoring system.

It’s important to get compliance right

Compliance is a major concern for all companies because it is so important to get right! A time and attendance system is a valuable tool for ensuring that you follow all labor laws, especially those concerning proof of attendance.

Protection Against Payroll Theft

You should have confidence in your payroll’s accuracy. Ultrasafe’s employee time and attendance monitoring program protects the company from payroll theft while improving productivity, so you can sleep easier at night.

Take care of the labor costs once more

Human error, interpretation errors, and even deliberate errors can lead to overpaying or underpaying workers by using manual time and attendance monitoring. Since all data is collected, saved, and transmitted to the payroll system digitally, an automated software solution leaves no space for error.

Time Tracking Equipment Benefits

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