Time & Attendance Products 

Businesses can use time & attendance products to establish electronic timetables, manage PTO, and keep track of workers’ work hours, break time, time off, overtime, and paid hours all in one location. When an employee or your payroll provider has a query, you won’t have to sift through paper files to find the information they need.

Time & attendance products are critical for tracking how long employees are working each day. The best solutions are easy to use, give employees multiple ways to clock in and out, manage paid time off (PTO), and easily integrate with your payroll service.

Time & attendance software will often include a communications platform in addition to the ability to control working hours, making it easier for employees and managers to make changes and convey them.

Time & attendance products reduce errors

When processes are completed manually, human error is always a factor. Even when items from one system must be manually transferred or typed into another, there is a risk of error. When time & attendance systems are linked to payroll operations, errors are practically eliminated, resulting in more accurate employee remuneration and labor tracking.

Time & attendance products improve employee morale

Employees’ faith and loyalty to a company might be harmed by payroll irregularities. Employees who are not fairly compensated for their labor or hours put in are less likely to feel valued. Employees do not have to worry about errors affecting remuneration when time & attendance systems are used instead of timesheets or time cards.

Time management systems increase employee empowerment

Employee access is available in several types of time and attendance software. Employees may feel more powerful and accountable when they have access to their own information to determine hours worked and review attendance records. Employees may feel more pride and loyalty toward a company as a result of this increase in “ownership” attitude.

Time and Attendance Systems for Employees

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