How do biometric Attendance systems work? Biometric systems have gained popularity in the business world and is the best way to track employees and their attendance. Biometric systems are user friendly and easy to install.

The biggest advantage of these systems is that they prevent employees from clocking in for another aka “buddy punching”. Previously, there were methods such as

  • Timelock
  • Sign-in sheet
  • Swiping an ID card

These systems create more of an honour system for employees, reducing employee time theft.

How do biometric attendance systems work?

These systems use biometric time and attendance systems that have fingerprint scanners. The systems scan the fingerprint of the employee and intersections of the fingerprint.

These are then referenced against what is in the system from the employee. If an employee has not been entered into the system, they will not be able to use the biometric system to clock into work daily.

Are Biometric Systems Safe?

It is common to worry that the biometric system is easy to hack or logged in by outside entities, such as law enforcement agencies.   This isn’t the case, this system is secure and safe. Data can only be accessed and used by the company that uses the time and attendance system, providing access to employees to certain areas of a building. There is no personal information used in the biometric system except for the employee’s fingerprint and ID number. The employee’s social security number and other personal information, such as birthdate, are not used by the biometric system. This makes the system more secure even if it is hacked, which is highly unlikely.

What makes this system even more secure is that fingerprints are more secure as the system deletes fingerprints. When a new employee is entered into the system, the software scans the fingerprint to create a group of coordinates. The fingerprint itself is then deleted to protect the security and identity of the employee.


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