Fingerprint attendance system South Africa fulfils multiple requirements within a single platform. The fingerprint attendance system streamlines and automates payrolls while eliminating any human error.

Access to designated areas on your business premises is controlled and restricted with our biometric system in conjunction with facial and fingerprint recognition to either deny or allow access into premises.

Highly customizable work rules and patterns ensure that even the most complex of work environments are catered for. Our automated reports enable line managers to receive reports daily about their employee’s attendance allowing for rapid adjustments and responses in unforeseen staff absence.

Competitive Pricing

Our fingerprint attendance system has a scaled pricing model that allows you to choose the best time and attendance package for your needs and maximum value for money.

Access Control

This system allows for movement within shops or factories to specific areas such as restrooms and change rooms or any other designated areas. All areas can be tightly controlled and restricted using the fingerprint attendance system in South Africa. Facial and fingerprint recognition is reliable and secure and denies access to unauthorized personnel and releases the turnstile or magnetic door and allows entry to permitted employees.


We all face the struggle when we need to access somewhere but forget or lose a password. It is very annoying and sometimes a waste of time and money.


Biometric fingerprint technology is faster than the traditional security system like a password. You will have faster access and authority on your device. The days of remembering difficult keywords are gone with this technology.


For many of these benefits and more, contact Ultrasafe today.

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