Digital clock card machines in Durban. Our Ultrasafe SA time card devices are configured according to your specifications (e.g. flex-time with core time). Thanks to their clever design, they are quickly ready to use on a wide range of applications, including workshops, warehouses, offices, and building sites.

Employees may now record lunch breaks, brief breaks, and clock-in and clock-out with ease. For example, during lunchtime, they simply punch.

Employee Satisfaction Has Increased

Employees are delighted with digital clock card machines and attendance software since it ensures timely and accurate pay. When manually entering timesheets, the software reduces human error. Employees can also gain secure access to their personal information via an employee self-service portal. This allows employees to access information without having to leave the office.

Flexible working arrangements are simple to manage

Employees working at the office, at home, or in another remote location are frequent in today’s business climate. Businesses can use time and attendance software to easily track time utilizing a range of digital clock card machines. This makes it simple and straightforward for all employees to keep track of their time, whether they’re at work or home.

Schedule and Shift Management with No Hassles

It’s simple to create and manage whole schedules, assign hours to individual activities, add customers to projects, and keep track of shift swaps with time clock and attendance software. You can also use the software to quickly and simply determine workloads, resources, and even budgets by the department.

Employee Time Clocks Save You Money And Time

By minimizing the time and effort required to compute employee hours, an employee time clock can help you save time and money.

Employee Time Clocks Are More Equitable

Employees keep a close eye on the clock as well as one another. They’re keeping an eye on everything to make sure everything is done fairly. Using an employee time clock can help with several difficulties that employees may perceive as unfair.

Time and Attendance Software in Durban

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