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For as long as there have been businesses, counterfeit notes have been an issue, reducing earnings and creating uncertainty in any business that receives cash. Anti-counterfeit bill detection is a validated method. Ultrasafe SA offers a variety of advanced counterfeit detection solutions to help your business catch counterfeit bills before they are accepted at your point of sale.

Enterprises can pursue legal action to prohibit the sale of counterfeit items, but there is no remedy for businesses that take counterfeit money. It is critical that your firm avoid accepting counterfeit money and the related losses, and the best protection is Ultrasafe SA’s line of innovative counterfeit detecting devices.

Today’s state-of-the-art bills are marked with ultraviolet (UV) ink that contains bright phosphors, making them easy to identify. When viewed in normal daylight, these UV inks are invisible, but when placed under a UV light operating at a certain wavelength, they become visible.

The advantages of using counterfeit money detectors when counting are virtually limitless. They not only lower the likelihood of losing money, but they also complete the task more quickly and accurately than if it were completed by a person. As a result, you or your staff will not waste valuable time double-checking every note, and they will be able to concentrate on other duties, so increasing productivity.

Furthermore, counterfeit money detectors are quite simple to set up; all you have to do is plug them in and begin scanning. Counterfeit bill detectors are capable of detecting counterfeit money by inspecting a variety of characteristics on different types of cash, including watermarks and the size, thickness, color, infrared, and magnetic ink on the bills. Because counterfeit detectors are often tiny in size, they will fit even the tiniest counters, making it easier to process money on a regular basis while having the equipment nearby.

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