Introducing a clocking system in the workplace.


Introducing a clock in work system to employees can be challenging. Managers might be afraid of a potentially negative response from employees, but there is no need for such anxiety.

Most employees are accustomed to tracking their attendance in one way or another from their previous jobs. Ultrasafe has helped implement hundreds of time and attendance systems to help things run smoother.
Let’s look at some key recommendations and how to introduce a clocking system.
Having a clock in work system is beneficial for every company. Its benefits for the employer are easily recognizable, such as:

• Following legal time requirements
• Accurate payroll processing
• Optimizing administration efforts
• Managing overtime
• Managing breaks
• Managing time off
• Higher employee productivity

The benefits are not always clear to employees and if we fail to introduce the system as a positive thing, we wouldn’t be in business. This will slow down the process of implementing this valuable tool and it would likely destroy an entire project. Employees might perceive the employee clock in system as a means of control, lack of trust, extra work and damaging to the company. What you definitely shouldn’t do is send a note to all your employees about the new system. Ask them to start using it in the week that follows, and see how it goes. Always come prepared. It is better to call a meeting for everyone involved.
It’s easy to clock in and timesheets are always up-to-date. Manage and approve absences.

Explain why you are implementing a clock in work system

Explain the benefits of meeting legal requirements and taking some manual work off the back of your administrators and payroll department. Highlight that the clock in work system is not about control or distrust. By tracking hours and breaks, the feeling of fairness in a company will increase and employees will never feel cheated.

Ultrasafe are supplier’s of quality clock in systems for employees.

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