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Card Rack – Plastic

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Introducing our efficient solution, the Plastic Clock Card Storage Rack. Crafted exclusively from high-quality materials, this tailored rack offers dependable and durable storage for managing employee timecards.

With its sleek and straightforward design, our Storage Rack features a slotted top for seamless insertion and removal of timecards. The solid bottom ensures secure placement, safeguarding against accidental dislodging.

Combining simplicity with sophistication, this rack guarantees user-friendliness. Its slotted top enables swift access to timecards, enhancing convenience. Furthermore, the sturdy platform provides stability, preventing cards from slipping or falling.

Implementing our Clock Card Storage Rack optimizes your payroll process by promoting organization. The systematic arrangement of timecards eliminates the need for manual sorting and searching, ultimately saving valuable time and effort for your dedicated payroll management team


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