When it comes to keeping track of employees and their attendance, biometric time and attendance for companies has become popular in the business world today. Biometric systems are easy to use and set up, and they keep track of information about employees for managers to look at.

The best thing about these systems is that they make it impossible for employees to clock in for each other. Before, people used a timer, a sign-in sheet, or a swipe of an ID card. These systems give employees more of a code of honour to follow, which makes it less likely that they will steal time.

Biometric systems can be trusted

Many people worry that biometric systems, like those used by law enforcement, can be hacked or logged into from the outside. It’s not like that. A biometric tracker of absences is 100% safe and secure. Only the company that owns the system can use it and get to its data. Most of the time, these systems can only be used to track employees’ time and attendance and let them into certain parts of the building.

Except for the employee’s fingerprint and employee ID number, the biometric system doesn’t use any personal information. The biometric system does not use the employee’s social security number or other personal information, such as their birth date. It is because of this that the system is so safe. Even if it is hacked, which is very unlikely, there is no personal information worth stealing.

The system gets rid of the fingerprints

Fingerprints are deleted from a biometric system to make it even more secure. When a new employee is added to the system, the fingerprint is scanned by the software to make a set of coordinates. The employee’s security and identity are then kept safe by getting rid of the fingerprint itself. The next time the employee uses the biometric system’s touchscreen to clock in or out, the fingerprint on the screen is compared to the coordinates on file to make sure the employee is who they say they are.

Mobile Capabilities

Biometric systems can be used on the go, so employees can still clock in and out even when they aren’t in the office. This is great for businesses where employees are always driving company cars to do things like make deliveries or fix things at people’s homes. You will be able to keep track of how much time they spend on the job and make sure that employees aren’t abusing the timeclock when management isn’t looking.

Facial Biometrics for Employees

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