Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

There are many types of biometric time and attendance systems. Keeping track of staff and their time can be hard, especially when it’s not the main thing you do. It’s always important in HR to know when your employees come and go from the office.

You can use a biometric time and attendance system to keep track of when your employees come in and go out of the office during their work day. People who work for you won’t need to carry ID cards or fobs because the system will use a scan of a fingerprint or their face to find them.

You will learn more about biometric time and attendance systems in this blog. They could help your business.

It is a way to measure a person’s unique physical and behavioral traits, called biometrics. The fingerprint and facial characteristics of each person are unique, which makes them a safe way to identify people. Our advice is to use them as a form of multi-factor authentication, which is great for protecting your online account.

The same thing would happen if you used a biometric system to keep track of time and attendance. The ID card can be given to a friend and asked to be scanned in. It is much more difficult to give someone your biometrics than it is to give them your address. Have you ever tried to give your fingerprint to someone else so they could use it?

Using biometric attendance systems, you can figure out more precisely who is in the building at any given time. This is important both to make sure everyone is working their hours and in case of an emergency.

How does a Biometric Time and Attendance System work? 

Some people don’t like how clock in cards are used by businesses. They aren’t always accurate. They are easy to lose, which can be dangerous if your time and attendance system has a way for people to get in and out of the building. There’s also the fact that they can be used by anyone. It’s easy for someone who works at the same place as someone who is going to be late or doesn’t show up to clock in and out for them. In the event of a fire, this can cause problems for HR and for Health and Safety.

Because fingerprints and faces cannot easily be replicated or lost, biometric clocking systems eliminate these concerns. To clock in, your employee simply needs to have their fingerprint or face scanned. They can clock out in the same way if they choose to depart the building at the end of the day or at lunch.

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